A Favourite Prayer from Mike and Lesley Freeman

This prayer written by Rev. Bill Kyle has a special meaning for us as we first met Bill when we attended his church in London before and after we were married, indeed he was the Minister who officiated at our wedding 50 years ago.

Bill was a ‘follower’ of Leslie Weatherhead and strong on pastoral care. He set up the Westminster Pastoral Foundation before his tragically early death at 49. This prayer encapsulates something of his faith and his love for people that inspired us then and since.

That we may Accept the Nature of Life

The world which is our home is a place of light and dark, sunshine and shadow, laughter and crying, gaiety and drabness, a cradle of innocence, a mountain of
glory, a hill of anguish, a cross of agony, a tomb of death and a garden of life.

We try, O God, for innumerable and unknowable reasons, to hold those things
which seem satisfying and enriching – we strive to banish darkness, to be rid of
pain to forget death and to live without the ravages of experience and age.

All of us have moments when we fight realities we can never vanquish and, in
the struggle, a part of ourselves seems destroyed. The vision of Jesus Christ
beckons us to a world which has no authority to destroy us. “Fear not,” His calm
voice speaks, “I have overcome the world.”

Enable us to deal with each moment – to see meaning in grief as well as in
ecstasy – to find a deeper sympathy and tolerance through our suffering – to
enshrine an eternity of joy in a brief encounter; to find through all things seen-and
experienced that which can enable and bring depth to the dimensions of our

Save us from hiding in the corners of life like frightened children; may we
believe in strength when only weakness is our experience. Help us to grow in
mind, spirit and soul and may our immortality be not only a hope beyond this
mortality but may it be the light and joy, laughter and love that people find in us

Through Jesus Christ our Lord,


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