Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update – 14.03.2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update – 14.03.2020

As a Church we are keen to ensure that all members, ministers and visitors follow the latest advice provided by Public Health Wales.

We do not currently see a cause to postpone any aspects of the normal work of our church at this time however this may change at short notice based on official advice.

Older members and those with medical conditions causing weaker health and greater vulnerability should consider not attending church for the time being if they’re worried about infection. This is an act of mutual care and concern, and is not a desire that people ‘give up’ Church.

If you are not an older member and don’t have underlying health conditions, but are feeling ill and/or displaying the symptoms of a cold, please consider staying away from the service.

As a matter of good practice, any concern from members or attendees in relation to greeting others, e.g. shaking hands, hugs etc., should be respected.

Please take the opportunity to wash your hands thoroughly and regularly when attending church using the facilities.

You will notice a few minor changes in church, such as the offertory plate not being passed around and refreshments after the morning service subject to change.

If you have any concerns, please contact one of the Elders and finally, please pray for those affected by illness locally, nationally and across the world.

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