Ministers Message from Summer Newsletter 2014

Our Monument

Summer is the time when many of us go away on holiday and attend worship in different churches in various parts of the country. It’s only when when I am on holiday that I can be led in worship, rather than leading others, and so I find holidays are very important in recharging my spiritual batteries.

It is always a pleasure to enter a church or chapel, even if it is just to admire the architecture of the building during mid-week. Churches can be islands of peace and quiet in a sea of noise and business.

One of the most famous churches is St Paul’s Cathedral. Christopher Wren was commissioned to build a house of God. The original intention was to improve the old St Paul’s Cathedral, but when this was destroyed in the Great Fire of London, Wren could begin afresh and build a cathedral entirely of his own design. It took thirty-five years to complete, and although he designed many other churches and buildings, St. Paul’s is his masterpiece. He is buried in the crypt and the words in Latin over his grave are translated “Reader, if you seek a monument, look about you

None of us is building a great cathedral, so what will our monuments be? Can I suggest that they will be the way that we touch the lives of others, treat them with kindness and respect, and help people in need. This will be our legacy, our monument

Bible readings 1 Chronicles 22 :11-16;   Matthew 22:34-40


Almighty God, we thank you for everything of beauty which has been created by those with skill in art or craft. We are conscious that many have used their abilities to your glory and our humble prayer is that we may dedicate such gifts as we possess to your service and to the service of our fellow men and women, through `Jesus Christ our Lord AMEN.

With every blessing


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