Time to Worship – Sunday 22 March 2020

To assist during this period whilst Church is not meeting in person, below is a ‘Worship Sheet’ to help us continue worshipping ‘remotely’.
Thanks to Rev Gareth Roberts and Mr Richard Lake.
If you can set aside some time on Sunday 22nd March 2020, please do. It will help us all to keep ‘spiritually fit’.
Richard has kindly recorded the hymn music and these are below.
If you have any issues in accessing the worship material please do email us: stthomasdenbigh@gmail.com.
With many blessings to each and every one of you.
HYMN: Lord For The Years

Uplifting Verses

As we face Coronavirus 2020, here is a selection of uplifting verses by the Revd. W. Bryn Williams (Pwllheli).

! Important Announcement from St Thomas’s Church Denbigh !

Dear members and friends of St Thomas’s Church – Denbigh,

As you will be fully aware, the situation relating to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is developing rapidly.

Following the latest advice from HM Government, Public Health Wales and the Presbyterian Church of Wales, the Elders of St Thomas’s Church have taken the decision to cancel all church activities, including Sunday worship, where we have to meet in person, until further notice.

This is not a decision we have taken lightly and is based on the latest guidance to safeguard people.

It is our intention to continually review this decision as the situation develops and direction from the authorities change.

We will be working hard over the next few days to ensure that we look at ways to continue worshipping, albeit ‘remotely’. We ask that, as members and friends we, think of setting aside some time at 10:30 on Sunday mornings to “share in worship”.

We will try our best to circulate some basic worship material e.g. a very simple form of worship – prayers, suggested Bible reading(s), words of a hymn, that could be used as a focus at such a time. We feel that that could help us to continue to be a worshipping community in this challenging time.

It is important that, over the coming days and weeks, we remain a close-knit fellowship of believers, there to support each other. We understand that many of our members and friends will be required to ‘self-isolate’ so communication is key.

Further updates will be sent via email and Facebook in due course.

With many blessings to each and everyone,

The Minister and Elders of St Thomas’s Church, Denbigh

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update – 15.03.2020

Following an Elders meeting this morning, a decision has been taken that, with the exception of Sunday services, all church meetings and activities are cancelled / postponed until further notice.

This decision is not taken lightly and is done so to minimise the risk to our members, ministers and visitors.

The situation, as we know, is changing rapidly, and further cancellations of services may be necessary. If this is the case we will communicate it as best we can.

In the meantime, please continue to follow NHS Coronavirus advice.

We will try to post regular worship material on our website and Facebook page to keep you ‘spiritually fit’ during this time of uncertainty.

With many blessings to you all.

The Elders of St Thomas’s Church – Denbigh