The Leprosy Mission “Gifts for Life” 2020

The Leprosy Mission

For some years now, an annual donation of around £250 has been sent to The Leprosy Mission International from the tea / coffee money donated after morning services in St. Thomas’s. This donation has taken the form of “Gifts for Life” chosen by the children in Junior Church.

Despite not having been able to worship together in church since mid-March, there were sufficient funds for this practice to continue this year and the children were invited to choose the “Gifts” on-line. Two children responded and “reported back” at a recent Junior Church session on Zoom. “Gifts” to the value of £250 included 2 goats, 20 coconut trees, 2 chickens, school materials, medicine and food.

Many thanks to those children (and their parents) who co-operating with this project and to all who have donated to the tea / coffee fund to enable the church to continue to support The Leprosy Mission.

More information on the “Gifts for Life” can be found by visiting:

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