Prayers for Denbigh in 2022

Our Prayers for Denbigh in 2022…

We pray for:
🙏 Everyone who lives and works in Denbigh and the surrounding areas.
🙏 Our neighbours in Vale Street and Post Office Lane.
🙏 All businesses, organisations, and workplaces.
🙏 The administration of the town and community.
🙏 Vulnerable people.
🙏 Our involvement in the community, reflecting the light of Jesus.
🙏 People suffering the effects of the pandemic.
🙏 The other churches and chapels in the locality.
🙏 The wellbeing and prosperity of the community.
🙏 God’s guidance and blessing in 2022.

Christmas Day Worship 2020

Join us, this Christmas Day morning at 9:15am, for an online service of worship led by Rev Bernard Thomas.
The service will be streamed on YouTube. Click on the following link just before 9:15am and let us worship together on Christmas morning:

Many blessings

Time for Worship – Sunday 17th May 2020


Below is the next worship sheet prepared by Rev Gareth Roberts, with accompanying hymn music.
Please set aside some time and we can worship together.
If you have any issues in accessing the worship material please do email us:
With blessings to each and every one of you.